Diamond Setting

The diamond setting course will cover any aspects of stone setting a student would like to learn using the GRS Benchmate system and GRS setting tools.

Guy Whitney has been setting stones for over 25 years and has extensive experience in what looks best for particular designs. Setting procedures for more delicate stones will be explained. You can purchase a mount and semi-precious stones from the school. Learn how to set in silver or a metal of your choice, which is particularly good for practising pave, or gypsy setting. You will also be taught how to sharpen and prepare your setting tools. This course is one, two or three days in duration. Check the schedule for dates available. PLEASE NOTE: The diamond setting course is a very important part of jewellery making as it will give you the understanding of how to set a stone before the commencement of making a piece of jewellery.

  • Pave
  • Rub-over
  • Under-cut
  • Claw
  • Channel-set
  • Gypsy
  • One, two or three day in duration. Course is £130.00 per day inclusive.
  • Optional one or two day Micro-Pave Stone Setting course. Course is £230.00 per day inclusive.
  • To book any course, please ring 01652 654036.

All metal needed will be charged for separately, ask for advice on the specific needs for your project. Metals will be supplied to all our students.


Diamond setting patterns and the Whitney Graver Guide are the intellectual property of Whitney Goldsmiths Ltd